John Rook Watters

Hello, my name's Rook and welcome to my portfolio! This site is a brief introduction to me and to my efforts as an aspiring technical communicator which will be updated regularly throughout 2018 as I accumulate a body of work. Now, something about me…

I love the concision of language. I also like to see purposeful communication occur between people. It is my goal to eliminate a confusion in expectations as a result of miscommunication. We observe these small inaccuracies of language every day. It's easier to grasp someone's intent when speaking in person, but we live in a text based world –- from tweets to online documentation, street signs to translated menus. This requires concise wording written with a critical understanding of intent; this is my passion.

When I'm not trying to fill this portfolio with great examples of my work, I like to play board games, practice yoga, read science fiction, listen to podcasts, keep busy, make friends, and think about how technology is changing the human condition.